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The Maneki Neko Japanese cats dance, jump, pose for pictures, looks at your and also performs O-mikuji fortune telling through real-world environments. Open the box and discover your own personal destiny teller cat! The O-mikuji predict the person's chances of his or her destiny hopes coming true, of finding a good match for marriage, love, generally matters of health, wealth, fortune, wishes, life, etc. Features: Each day, your cat gives magic coin! Collect them all! Redeem your coins to get O-mikuji random freak hoping for the resulting fortune to be good with blessings!

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Augmented Reality for the integration of Cat in the real time for the realistic experience. Many different cats which have different themes for fortuity telling! Many accessories available for prospect assumption! Social network integration with Facebook, creating compatible Instagram pictures High quality 3D rendering using lighting physics and actual material values to accurately model how light interacts with a surface. Take picture with their dragon and share it with your family and friends.

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Collect coins every day and exchange for more cats to complete your collection and unlock accessories. Open the AR Maneki Neko box and find the treasure.

This update has numerous bug fixes and improvements with the camera sharing and facebook integration. Have fun! I love it.

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But it keeps shutting down whenever I try to open it. Why it keeps doing that is beyond me. I wish I knew the answer to that one. Could someone please fix it??? Because this is getting ridiculous. This app is offering high quality 3D rendering feature. I was not expecting that on opening box I will get such a nice fortune telling cat. I recommend this application to some of my friends.

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